Popular Styles of Conventional Wood Fencing

Split rail and slip board are a traditional look. Split rail uses a rustic rough cut hemlock rail and milled posts, sourced locally. Slip board uses a flat milled board with milled posts. Both can be secured with additional vinyl coated wire mesh creating the barrier you need.

Post and board fencing uses a solid rectangle or large round post with hemlock boards fastened to the solid posts spanning 2 sections. Vinyl coated wire mesh can be stretched and secured between the post and board during installation to safely sandwich and protect your wire. This style can be easily customized and tailored to your specifications.

A picket fencing style utilizes either panels or posts that touch each other. This creates solid lines that offers privacy but can limit the amount of light that can pass through to your yard or garden.

Benefits of Conventional Wood Fencing

The conventional wood fence styles allow for a more cost effective solution to your fencing project while keeping a timeless look. This type of fencing is easily repairable which extends the life of the fence 20 plus years. Being the most popular, this choice will keep your family happy and safe for years to come.

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High-Quality Wood Fence Installation

High-Quality Wood Fence Installation

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